Kuukpik was established in 1973 as an Alaska Native Village Corporation.
We are the village corporation for Nuiqsut, Alaska

Statement from Kuukpik Corporation
Regarding Natural Gas Leak on Alpine Oil Field

Kuukpik Corporation (Kuukpik) today released the following statement regarding the natural gas leak on ConocoPhillips’ Alpine Oil Field. “The health and well-being of Nuiqsut residents is always the highest priority for Kuukpik leadership and management,” said Joe Nukapigak, Kuukpik President. “We are monitoring the situation closely and communicating regularly with ConocoPhillips, the North Slope Borough, and the City of Nuiqsut. Air monitoring has not detected anything outside normal conditions in the community. As far as we know this event is confined to CD-1. We support the North Slope Borough’s assessment that there is no current risk to public safety. We also support the Borough’s conclusion that with the information we have there is no need to evacuate the community. At this point we recommend residents carry on as normal and to allow further assessment of the situation. If there are changes in the situation, we will reassess and take appropriate action.” The Kuukpik offices will remain open and operating and there will be no disruption to shareholder services.

Kuukpik Corporation was established in 1973 as the village corporation for Nuiqsut under provisions of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA). There are more than 600 enrolled shareholders in the Corporation.

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